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Thursday Ramblings

Thursday, April 8, 2010

It’s a Thursday evening. I’ve been to the gym, showered, did some ironing, and made myself some delicious scrambled eggs with farmer sausage, green peppers, cheddar cheese and salsa. And now here I sit, willing some creative inspiration to come over me. Some words to form and travel from my brain to my fingertips to this post. Why write if it takes that much effort?

This morning when I awoke I glanced outside and didn’t think much of the hail I saw scattered across the roof. Except. The blackened sky kept hailing. And the hail looked a lot like…snow…oddly enough. IT’S APRIL. IT’S SPRING. By the time I drove to work, everything was covered in West Coast snow, ie slush. The lawn was white. But before you know it, the wind whips up and the sun is blazing. And then the clouds come back and oh, more snow. And then sun. More wind.

Kind of like my thoughts. Not blackened or slushy but all over the place. And so I write. To take inventory of life over the last while, because honestly, that’s a little all over the place, too. Like, crazy busy, jumping from one thing to the next. Good thing I’m a list person – I make a LOT of lists. I can’t remember the last time I did just nothing, and didn’t have a to-do list hanging over my head. But you know what? I can’t complain. I am going to say, and remind myself, that I would rather this predicament than an empty life, an empty schedule. As I take inventory, I have a pretty rich life. A life with rich relationships, experiences, and opportunities. The opportunity to start my Tuesdays in prayer with others at church. Getting to experience my sister’s incredibly delicious baking :) Catching up with friends over coffee or wine. Long drives. Spring. Even punishing myself at the gym! (too many Easter treats) Is it wierd that I get joy out of that??

Last weekend was Easter. I took the Monday off to make it a four day weekend, hoping to rest up and chill out. I sort of did that…by filling my time with lunch dates and coffee dates and movies and…it was good. While I know the value in making time for myself (and sleep), it doesn’t seem long ago when I was wondering where everyone went. Some friends come and go. But right now, I’m blessed with such rich relationships that I’m going to hold on to them and make time for them while I have them.

Well, there are my ramblings for today. I feel better but you’re probably glad I’m wrapping it up :) Regardless, thanks for stopping by…

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  1. Alec permalink
    Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:32 pm

    well rambled Ms. Barkman. Always enjoyable

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