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Weekend escapes and bagpipes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick! Before this coming weekend is upon us, I wanted to write about last weekend. Just so I can remember and take from it what I can.

Friday: my favorite Friday tradition. I drove out to my aunt’s in Chilliwack – not quite a half hour drive from where I live – for a night of good food, good drinks and most excellent company.

Said good food! Rhonda’s Santa Fe Chicken Salad, with my peanut & lime dressing.

The best part of the Friday tradition? (besides catching up with my super cool aunt) Escaping for the night. Okay, so it’s not some far off, exotic escape. It’s Chilliwack. But I’ll take what I can get! It’s a night removed from distractions and a chance to just chill. Mmm and on this particular overnighter, spend Saturday morning on the couch, in pajamas, coffee in hand, watching a movie. I can’t remember the last time I had spent a Saturday morning in my pjs. But anyways, this time, Whitney joined me too. And after dinner, just as the sun was setting, the three of us ran across the street to an empty lot for a quick photo sesh/lesson:

We also picked armfuls of sweet smelling lilacs

Happy snappy students :)

Then there was Sunday. The first lunch on the back deck was had. Ahh glorious sunshine. BBQ’d farmer sausage. And dessert? Rainbow sherbet. Last week I opened the freezer and to my delight, there it was. My mom had bought it for me. Just like she did in some of my earliest memories, a 25 cent cone at the grocery store. I would blissfully sit in the buggy as she shopped, rainbow sherbet keeping me well occupied. It still tastes like being a kid.

Since on Saturday afternoon and throughout the evening I had worked away on photo projects and things, I took a couple hours off for another escape. After all, it would have been a shame to miss the long awaited warm weather. This time, my brother Logan and I gathered up a blanket and some books – he with his studying, I with an old copy of Wuthering Heights – and claimed a spot at the park. We get settled and all of a sudden…blaring bagpipes scream across the grass and bounce off the trees. Looks were exchanged. Seriously?! I guess some nice old man thought it was a courtesy to play for all to hear. We just laughed.

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