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Japan’s Calling

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The first time we met, I was intimidated by her, and apparently she was intimidated by me. But by the second time, we were like old friends, bonding over sushi and our upcoming missions trip to Uganda. I was (and am still) beyond grateful that we both found ourselves on that missions team. Janelle and I probably have more differences than similarities – she grew up on the prairie, I surrounded by BC mountains, she can justify buying designer brands, I can’t (yet…). But through that trip a friendship formed that continues to be steady, one that I’m confident even a move to Japan won’t break. Even then, as we adventured in Africa, Janelle spoke of her plan to go to school in Tokyo. And marry the man of her dreams, a Japanese pop star. Obviously.

Before she leaves me…umm I mean before Janelle makes the brave, bold step into a totally new and exciting adventure…I insisted on this photo shoot. We have a tradition that consists of a weekly pre-work Starbucks and catch up date, so it was only appropriate that I brought my camera along for one of them.

I’ve said it before and will say it again…I love early morning shooting :)

Janelle is one with many faces. All of them – even that one ;) – so pretty.

Random note: later that day someone gave me my horoscope, torn out from the paper. Not that we believe in them, but when it’s a good one, it’s fun and it was fitting to read the line “Enjoy the company of others today.” Because it was a good day of good company and Janelle, I will miss your rambling chats and attentive ear.

Love you, see you, miss you xox

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  1. Janelle permalink
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 1:18 pm

    I love love love all of these pictures! Thank you so much :) Your beautiful face will truly be missed when I wake up in Japan and realize that I have no one to go for coffee with… And even if I do find a coffee buddy, I’m sure that they won’t compare. You’re so much more than a coffee buddy, and I will miss you so much! Please take care of yourself while I’m gone and get skype so you can continue to listen to my rambling chats… hehehe. <3 xoxo

  2. Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:27 am

    Mikaela these are so pretty. Your friend Janelle is a beauty :) It sounds like the two of you are just meant to be friends and I am sure distance won’t stop that.

  3. Lori permalink
    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:07 am

    So beautiful! The colors are amazing….. another perfect shoot! You go girl!

  4. Erin Harder permalink
    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 10:36 pm

    Aw, this is beautiful! Despite the fact that this lovely is my sister, these pictures are really fun! Okay, enough exclamation points for one comment.
    Very nicely done.


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