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Things I Love Thursday

Thursday, December 16, 2010

With work slowing down ever so slightly, now is the time to catch up on some personal journaling on the blog. I’m excited because this time, Christmas time, is my favourite time. We welcomed December by combining a little shopping with a little fun in one of my favourite cities: Seattle. The streets were decked with boughs of evergreen and twinkling lights, the air was crisp, there was shopping to be done and Starbucks to be had, and plenty of good company to make the spirits bright. And to top it off, an exciting Seahawks win!

Confession…see the photo on the right? See the couple in the background? They’re in the middle of an actual photo shoot. We realized AFTER taking our pictures that we had walked right into the middle of it. I mean, it was a public place and all, but still, I had the urge to make a quick escape in shame for stepping into another photographer’s territory…but at least we got a picture out of it :)

I love Pike Place but I love it even more all dressed up for Christmas…

Thinking back, I don’t recall seeing any mistletoe…but does it really matter?

THE first Starbucks to grace the planet with its caffeinated goodness. And our first time being there. Major deal!

To top off the weekend, it was me and the guys at the game. Being big NFL fans, (and Seahawks fans of course) it was pretty exciting to watch them come back after a disappointing first half, to score touchdown after touchdown to win the game!

Aaaaand that was our weekend in Seattle. New tradition? I think so :)


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